10 Foods You Should Skip Before a Workout

1. Food matters

Hydration and workout fuelling are big business. However, you may overlook things to avoid.

2. Fuel for thought

Most people overestimate their calorie needs. Bonci recommends eating two to three hours after a workout. 

3. Think Goldilocks

If you don't eat or drink sufficient before exercising, you may tire out.

4. Heavy carbs

You require carbs for energy, however you can overeat them.

5. Carbonated beverages

Gas and bloating from carbonation might hinder exercising.

6. Sports drinks

Sugary energy beverages claim they restore electrolyte and boost workouts.

7. Caffeine

Bonci advises restricting oneself to one-half cup of espresso because the usual 12-ounce cup has 250 to 300 mg.

8. Bananas

People overdo potassium to relieve muscle cramps. Bonci believes exercise causes decreased potassium loss.

9. Beans

Beans contain a plant-based amino acids, dietary fiber, and vitamins. 

10. Avocados

Their the hormone mono- as well as polyunsaturated fatty acids make them tasty and healthy.