12 Weight Gain Foods Super Fast

1. Whole Milk

A glass of whole milk provides the body with approximately 150 calories. 

2. Eggs

While you have had milk for breakfast, add eggs to increase the calorie content. 

3. Rice

As every 100 grams of rice contains 130 calories, it can be an effective weight gain diet. 

4. Avocado

If you need a healthy weight gain diet, consider eating avocado every day. 

5. Granola

This ideal breakfast fare should be included in your diet plan if you wish to gain weight.

6. Nut

In addition to granola bars, you can acquire weight by making your own dry-roasted, unsalted almonds or macadamia nuts.

7. Peanut Butter

Still on the subject of nuts, the high caloric content is also present in nut-based spreads.