Creative Ways to Eat More Vegetables

1. Make veggie-based soups

Soups have been an excellent method to ingest multiple vegetable amounts simultaneously.

 Make veggie-based soups

As in this cauliflower spinach barley broth, you can make vegetables the "base" by puréeing them and adding seasonings.

2. Try zucchini lasagna

Without pasta, zucchini lasagna is another inventive method to consume more vegetables.

Try zucchini lasagna

Traditional lasagna consists of layers of lasagna noodle dishes, meat, and sauce

3, Add veggies to sauces

Adding additional vegetables to your own condiments and dressings is a sly method for increasing.

Add veggies to sauces

While preparing sauces including marinara, simply add sliced onions, carrots, peppers, bell peppers, and leafy greens.

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