Delicious Options for Low-Carb Starbucks Food

1. Bacon and Gruyere Sous Vide Egg Bites

One of our best low-carb cuisine options at Starbucks is their vide-cooked egg bites.

2. Country Archer Jerky

Particularly when looking for a low in carbohydrates nibble.

Country Archer Jerky

Both are flavorful and minimal in carbohydrate content (only 5g per serving!).

3. Rhythm Super Foods Kale Chips

These roasted kale crisps are a salty snack option.

Rhythm Super Foods Kale Chips

Use them as a midday treat on their own, or combine with a sandwich for a complete supper.

4. Starbucks String Cheese

Grab one while ordering your beloved keto-friendly Starbucks beverage at the drive-through.

Starbucks String Cheese

 Additionally, the string cheese sold by Starbucks contains only 80 calories per package.