Quick-Prep Meals for Big Families

1. Buffalo Sloppy Joes

Compared to traditional sloppy joes, this version is far healthier thanks to the use of lean ground turkey.

2. Bacon-Chicken Club Pizza

The vegetables add a refreshing crunch to the cheesy shell.

3. Taco Pizza Squares

When word gets out that you've baked up this novel spin on pizza, everyone will be rushing to your door.

4. Broccoli Beef Braids

The beef, broccoli, and cheese in each slice of this easy-to-make golden bread mimic the flavors of a heated sandwich.

5. Heavenly Crab Cakes

I was afraid I would never like crab cakes again after going on a low-fat diet. 

Heavenly Crab Cakes

These tiny slices of heaven are finally guilt-free.