Top Contemporary Hairstyles for Women 

Blonde Highlights

Many hairstyles for women over 50 are short, but there are numerous gorgeous options for medium and long hair.

Straight Blonde Bob with Bangs

It's all about finding the optimal shape, length, and color to complement your features.

Mid-Length Hairdo with Bangs

Longer hair is not always the most flattering hairstyle for women over the age of 50, particularly if their tresses are on the finer side.

Shoulder Length Hairstyle

There is no need to have an excessively intricate haircut. At your age, you should strive for robust hair with a pleasant sheen. 

Short-to-Medium Feathered Cut

You can accomplish your objective with a short to medium feathered cut.

Short Crop with Side Bangs

There's a reason why short haircuts for women over 50 are so popular.

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