Warming Dishes for the Winter

1. Irish Onion Soup

This updated recipe features all-new components yet delivers the same hearty taste that made the original so popular.

2. Garlic Knotted Rolls

Making fresh rolls from scratch is a breeze when you use frozen yeast dough. 

Garlic Knotted Rolls

These adorable knots are a great way to jazz up your table settings.

3. Honey-Maple Glazed Ham

My ham with a graham cracker crust is glazed twice with a straightforward honey-maple mixture.

Honey-Maple Glazed Ham

Half of it will become a lovely caramelized topping, while the other half will melt into the ham.

4. Cheesy Wild Rice Soup

When we don't have a lot of time to cook, we eat quick and simple soups.